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The Animal Center Revolution


Ditch the Old Ways of Thinking!

  • Animal welfare activist and Humane Society board members have long thought by getting money and materials donated we could help solve the unwanted problem. More food can be purchased, bigger and nicer facilities built, the animals would have more "time" to be adopted and things would improve.
  • Don't adopt out animals at Christmas or give as gifts for birthdays, This encourages impulse adoptions. We now know we were just giving away business and supporting the puppymills.
  • Let's post quick shot photos of animals behind bars and on cold concrete. People should feel sorry for these homeless animals.
  • This has long been an operation that comes across as desperately needy, relying on donors, volunteers and other-peoples-money just to stay afloat.

It's time to get in the Business of Saving Lives

  • We need a fresh perspective to raise awareness and promote a positive change.
  • We need to think of this as a business and run it that way. Animal Centers can be self-supporting!
  • MARKET!!

The Business of Marketing

  • People think that animals in shelters are untrained, unhealthy, and less than. We know its not their fault and they need a loving home just like any other. But, public perception differs. The public has this misconception about shelters. WHY?
  • Because; We do a poor job of marketing these worthy, beautiful animals to the public.
  • Think about how much money goes into creating an ad campaign for a can of Dr. Pepper. Lots of money!! Don't balk at the cost of good advertising, Advertising Works!
  • Think about Petfinder.com. The quick shot, low quality, terrible pictures of animals. The lack of information in the descriptions are not informative. They don't stand a chance of adoption before their time runs out.
  • We need high quality photos and upbeat personality profiles.
  • Start by making this a business. Market these animals. They are our products.
  • Who cares about the 9 year old Rottwieler who just had 6 puppies in the shelter." If said that way, no one. But if we say " 63 year old woman just gives birth to sextuplets" You get a media frenzy.
  • We have to use the media to expose these beautiful animals just like any other business would.
  • The country and the world is moving to social media now People are paying more and more attention. We are the advertising future. We need to encourage more footsteps into our facility to keep people away from puppy mills and backyard breeders. We have the power to save lives.

Where Do We Start?

  • Think Orphanage and Old Folks Home; now changed to Adoptions and Assisted Living. Let's change Shelters to Centers. 
  • We don't need another "Shelter" (dirty, cold, concrete and dark) We need and Animal Center featuring all types of all types of animal activities and spotlighting our many types of worthy animals that deserve a home.
  • Animal Centers can and do make money. Lots of it! We have to change the mindset of this industry in East Texas.
  • Animal Shelters started out as a good idea. Shelters being separated from all the fun and happy animal places, have made helping animals a problem. A brand new beautiful, state of the art shelter in a few years, will be just that. Another animal shelter. Without a complete revamp of our thinking, things will never change.
  • Adopting pets cannot be our only goal. Keeping pets with their families and offering services to assist with this, has to be a part of our solution. Homeless pets did not just appear out of thin air. There is a reason. Lack of education for pet owners.
  • People are giving up on their "Best Friends" because they don't know how to care for them properly. They need training, grooming and medical care just like children. The average person does not know this. They believe dogs are either good or bad. I know this because of my Animal Behavior Degree, my job and working with people and dogs alike on a daily basis. People have a lack of options to turn to. We could offer all of this inone easy to access location. The Animal Center!

The Animal Center

  • The Center will be a community gathering place for all animal enthusiast.
  • We will offer programs and reasons for people from all different walks of  life to come into our facility. No one leaves empty handed or without  positive knowledge that they did not have when they arrived. We will help  everyone who walks through our door.
  • When people adopt from our Animal Center they will stay with us for life!


  • No kill adoption center featuring adoptable animals only. 
  • Veterinarian Hospital
  • Training Classes
  • Groomers
  • Boot Camps
  • Doggy Day Care
  • Boarding Facility
  • Day Camps for Kids
  • Educational Programs
  • Hosting Dog Shows and Events

It's Possible

  • This is going on at Animal Centers across the U.S. and doing well.
  • There will be a separate facility in back of the Center to intake the  contracted county's and city's stray animals. Animals there will be  examined, groomed, vaccinated and neutered before moving up to the no-kill adoption center.
  • We will not be a Low-Cost Warehouse or Second-Hand store. We offer animals with experience!!


  • We don't need to offer these animals at deep discounted prices. They are worth more than any animal from a back yard breeder or a puppy mill. They are our products! And they are worth it!* So in truth - the love of animals can be an enormously successful business. Just look around!
  • It's time to join the Animal Center Revolution!
  • The change is coming. Don't we want to be a part of this?
  • Animal Centers are "no-kill, upbeat, fun and energized" Take a look outside of East Texas and see that animal shelters are becoming a thing ofthe past.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel. If we don't know how, Helen Woodward Animal Center will show us how to make it a profitable and successful business at no cost to us.
  • The president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center and founder of lams Home 4 the Holidays, Mr. Mike Arms, is leading this Revolution.

Want to help?

Contact Alicia Nolte @ 903.238.4332

Jonn Spradlin @ 903.445.6474



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